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Buy and Sell Tools and Musical Instruments?

Are you strapped for cash? Selling your unused tools and musical instruments could be the key to getting the funds you need quickly. Peoria, IL residents trust A-Z Jewelry to appraise their items and pay top-dollar for them. We’re well-known for accurate evaluations, reasonable prices, and friendly team members. Be sure to bring your items by our pawn shop—there’s plenty of money to gain!

red electric guitar

How Much Is Your Musical Instrument Worth?

At A-Z Jewelry, we’re happy to assess nearly any kind of musical instrument you may have lying around. We take instruments such as guitars, flutes, violins, trumpets, and drums, and our team will give you a fair price for your item. However, not all instruments are worth the same. The better the material and the more reputable the brand, the more money you could score from your sale. The instrument’s value can be more still if it’s antique. Find out if your musical instrument is an antique beforehand using the following steps:

  • Look up the manufacturer mark or serial number
  • Do your own online research
  • Get in touch with the manufacturer, if they’re still in business
  • Ask a team member at a reputable music store

Your Old Tools Could Be Worth Money

Our pawn shop regularly buys high-quality tools from Peoria residents. We’re glad to evaluate drills, saws, hand tools, air compressors, and complete tool kits. If your tool is considered an antique, you may be able to get even more money for your item. In any case, bring your tools to our shop, and we’ll give you a fair and accurate assessment.

Turning Clutter into Cash